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Three poems set in Greece at Mediterranean Poetry, including "Penelope's Design," first published in Seneca Review 27.2 (1997): 61-62, the title poem of David's chapbook.

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"With Archibald MacLeish Outside DeBruhl's Cafe," Literary Matters 9.2 (2017). A revised version of this critical memoir, which also remembers Allen Tate and James Dickey, appears in Weathering. Read also David's poem "Outside DeBruhl's Cafe" as published in the November 1976 issue of Poetry.

"In and Out of Class with James Dickey," Virginia Quarterly Review 76 (Summer 2000): 455-469. An essay memoir that remembers Robert Penn Warren and Robert Lowell (pictured below with David) as well as Dickey (pictured at right with David). Find a PDF of the print version (more reader-friendly than the online version) below.

"A 'Clamorous Amassment' Beyond-Speech Golden: The Complete Poems of James Dickey," James Dickey Newsletter 27.2 (2013). This, the first major review of The Complete Poems of James Dickey, edited by Ward Briggs, was solicited by the editors of the now defunct James Dickey Newsletter, where it appeared online in spring 2013. Find below a PDF of the review, retrieved from Google cache, more or less as it appeared in that issue of the James Dickey Newsletter.

"Fleeing the Thick of Family Life," an essay review of The Southern Woman: New and Selected Fiction by Elizabeth Spencer, Virginia Quarterly Review 78.2 (2002): 371-376. Not available at the VQR online. Find a PDF of the print version below